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GTA 5 Tiny Racers Mode Free In-game Currency

GTA revealed that its newest upgrade will bring a brand-new online play mode to the video game recently. The Tiny Racers mode went live today, and sees gamers fight it out in conventional GTA top down point of view throughout race course set atop Los Santos. Automobiles have actually been miniaturised and cartoonified for Rockstar's most current mode that constructs on stunt races seen formerly.

GTA 5 Racing

Steady and sluggish nearly certainly will not win this race, nevertheless; slip far too behind on the track and you can anticipate to satisfy an explosive end for your laziness. On top of all this, brand-new functions are anticipated within the next couple of weeks consisting of brand-new maps and a material developer mode.

To commemorate the most current upgrade, Rockstar are dedicating this week's perk to the brand-new mode. Double RP and money is up for grabs this week to present gamers to the mode.

GTA 5 Tiny Racers

GTA revealed that its newest upgrade will bring a brand-ne…